Khao Lak District – Phang Nga Province

The site of the 2004 tsunami and the hardest hit region of southern Thailand, Khao Lak is home to over 8,000 residents, including ethnic Thais, Chinese, Burmese migrants and sea gypsy tribes.

At the time of the tsunami, Khao Lak was Thailand’s fastest growing tourist destination, however following the aftermath the economy was devastated and is now showing strong signs of recovery.

Since the tsunami waves devasted Khao Lak on Decemeber 26 2004, waves of encouragement and care from hundreds of volunteers have helped make Step Ahead the major source of language training in the area, as well as, a strong encouragement to preschoolers and their families.  Further, the Thai Totes program makes a way forward for local villagers by making beautiful ladies purses for export.

Khao Lak