Letter of Introduction

Thank you for your interest in volunteering/interning with Step Ahead. There are many opportunities in which we welcome volunteers to work with us.

John Quinley hanging out with kids in a Bangkok slum

John Quinley hanging out with kids in a Bangkok slum

Step Ahead Micro Enterprise Development (MED) was started by Step Ahead Director, John Quinley,  as a ministry of YWAM Relief and Development. Step Ahead MED works with poor Thai families living in the slums of Bangkok by giving micro loans to people in order for them to start their own self-sustaining small businesses. These loans, usually between $100 and $200, build personal responsibility and dignity and bring about big results by opening up economic opportunities. This provides means for more income for food, shelter, healthcare and education for these Thai families. In time, Step Ahead MED grew in vision to be Step Ahead Integrated Community Development.

Volunteer opportunities at Step Ahead Bangkok include:

• Teaching English to the Thai staff
• Helping to coordinate and participate in Step Ahead Kid’s Club and Basketball
• Giving seminars/workshops to our clients or staff (if you have background/experience in business, economics development, or leadership)
• Organizing children’s programs such as carnivals, after school English and activities
• Providing IT/technical support (website design, computer training)

Computer training in Khao Lak

Computer training in Khao Lak

Step Ahead Training Center in Khao Lak, South Thailand, was started in May 2005 after the December 26th Tsunami. Khao Lak, which has a thriving tourist industry alongside well-established local fishing businesses, was one of the areas worst hit by the tsunami. Many people in the area lost family and friends, homes and businesses. Step Ahead’s vision behind the project is to bring hope to people in this area by enabling them to develop their core employability skills in areas such as English, German, Hospitality and Computers. Currently, over 2000 people have received training in General and Hospitality English, Computers and German, as well as short courses, such as Italian cooking, hosted by teams of volunteers.

In addition to the training center, Step Ahead also has pre-school/child development centers in the region. The centers started by Kim Quinley, began as child safe zones barely six weeks after the tsunami to protect children from potential trafficking. These four centers have been at the core of Step Ahead’s integrated community development and recovery work. Caring for the little ones, after all, is a primary concern for families, and strengthening families helps develop communities.

In addition to this, Step Ahead Khao Lak works in local communities carrying out projects, which seek to empower people to be able to sustain themselves and their families.  These projects have included the Thai Totes bag and purse making project, the Lamkaen Mushroom Farm, an orchid farm, and an eco-tourism home-stay project in a Moken (Sea Gypsy) community.
Volunteer opportunities at Step Ahead Khao Lak include:
• Teaching English, German, or computer classes at Step Ahead (long-term opportunities for teaching in local hotels)
• Volunteering and teaching English in the pre-schools
• Organizing short-term courses in specialty areas, such a cooking class, children’s program etc.
• Partnering and volunteering in practical ways with local churches, for example teaching music, kid’s club, community health education, and an after school kid’s club
• Manual labor (seasonal/ depending on opportunities)
• Micro-Enterprise community development projects (long-term volunteers)

Thanks for now taking the time to fill out our application. We look forward to reading your application and are excited about the possibility of having you come work with us.


Step Ahead Leadership

If you are interested in volunteering or interning with Step Ahead, please download an application form and read our Child Protection Policy.