Become a Virtual Volunteer

Anyone can be an Virtual Volunteer for StepAhead. All they need is a computer, an Internet connection and skills to offer.
Online volunteers are professionals, students, homemakers, retirees, people with disabilities and expatriates from across the globe. They all have one thing in common – a commitment to making a real difference for families in Thailand.

There are no costs involved. Online volunteers cooperate across the world, without ever leaving their own homes.
Online volunteers not only provide valuable skills and expertise, coming from various backgrounds and cultures, they also bring new ideas and fresh perspectives.
And they can help develop capacity in our organization, training staff, teaching new skills or providing guidance and advice.
It’s a virtuous circle: online volunteers learn about the development world and the people they serve, and in turn share this information with their friends and colleagues, thereby mobilizing additional support worldwide.

If you believe you have skills you can support us with, perhaps grant writing or marketing or even simply assisting us in promotion through Social Networks please Contact us today.