Student Internships At Step Ahead

Background Information

Step Ahead Microenterprise Development has served in Economic Development in Bangkok, Thailand since 2001, and launched the Khao Lak Training Center in May, 2005, in the aftermath of the Asian tsunami helping over 2000 students discover hope for their futures.
In 2009, Step Ahead Pattaya Center began doing Community Economic Development through production of Italian style fine leather Thai Totes for export and support of the program.

Internship Opportunities:

Step Ahead seeks intern volunteers with a vision to contribute to economic and personal development activities in very poor and emotionally challenging environments. An eight to ten week commitment is required. Step Ahead staff will provide initial orientation, help in finding affordable housing, oversight, mentoring, and debriefing.

Support is needed in any of the following areas:

  1. Marketing – To assist in the development of integrated marketing programs targeted to appropriate donor constituencies, as well as, proposals for government agencies and foundations. To develop internet marketing strategies, and improve online communication and marketing.
  2. Market research -To evaluate new markets, monitor client satisfaction, modify and design new products.
  3. Management Information Systems – To support implementation of IT related solutions of microfinance program planning, loan tracking software, database management, and other technology related efficiency initiatives.


  • 12 -15 hours a week
  • Teach Conversational and Hospitality English in Khao Lak to Tsunami Survivors.

Prior to the tsunami, Khao Lak was the fastest growing tourist destination in Thailand. Today, it is in a growing recovery stage. Many of the finest hotels in the area now use Step Ahead as a training partner for their staff. Step Ahead is an active member of the Phang Nga Tourism Association.

Teaching English to tsunami survivors means helping change the lives of people who have faced the greatest challenges imaginable and now are stepping ahead. TESOL training is not required, but would be very helpful. Most important is a positive attitude and strong desire to help others develop their English skills. Curriculum is provided for all courses.

  • Teach Conversational English to Microentrepreneurs, or their teenage children in Klong Toey, the largest slum in Bangkok.

Step Ahead is a training center in Phang Nga province of Southern Thailand in an area badly affected by the December, 2004 Tsunami. Step Ahead is currently running a number of courses, including Hospitality and General English classes, primarily in the center, but also within a number of nearby communities.

Rachel Pricer and Alex Hopper – 2011 Summer Interns from University of Richmond with “Tourist English Camp” friends

Cross-Cultural Early Childhood Education (TESOL for Preschool)

Interns have opportunity to serve in four Montessori-oriented preschools which Step Ahead operates as a part of an integrated community development post-tsunami Phang Nga. The opportunity for preschool rural Thai children to play/learn with native English speakers is a life changing chance to develop a “head start” in their English abilities that could prove crucial in their future English development capacity.

If you are interested in volunteering or interning with Step Ahead, please download an application form and read our Child Protection Policy.